Monday, August 31, 2009

TMTA - Marilyn Monroe

The theme on Think Monday - Think ATC, is Marilyn Monroe. What an impact she made in such a short time, she is an enigma in so many ways and we are all still intrigued by her. One of my favourite movies is "Some Like It Hot," with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon; Marilyn was terrific in that film. Goodbye Norma Jean.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Postcard - Fish

The theme on Sunday Postcard Art this week is Fish! Thanks to Gaby Braun for this great image. Cheers!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Soartful Saturday - Red Rose Rag

A tribute to Rose, a torch singer extraordinaire. Another great vintage music image to create with on Soartful Saturday. Cheers!

Art Creations - Swan Lake

'Juliette was kicking herself for not taking the jewel box gig.' Art Creations theme Swan Lake.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tag It On - Bookmark

The challenge this week for Tag It On is Bookmark It. Any theme, any colour but it must be the shape of a bookmark. This perfect quote is from Quietfire Design. The dragonfly and baby's breath stamps are from a Stampin'Up set Organic Grace, I love this little set and use it all the time. I hope your garden is full of surprises. Cheers!

Wednesday Stamper - Dogs

The theme this week on Wednesday Stamper is Dogs. I love this image of these two buddies. This is one of those pieces that starts out simply and kept evolving by messy necessity...I had glued the image onto the background when I got blue ink on the little girl's dress - "rats!" Then I had to paint it the same blue to try to hide the ink; then that looked weird so had to stamp some flowers - very carefully onto the dress; well, then the hair needed to be coloured and so did the dog, and on and on. And of course my craft room looks like a bomb went off! Hope your day is creative. Cheers!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Theme Thursday - Quotes

The challenge on Theme Thursday this week is 'Quotes.' This quote and the butterfly are from Quietfire Design. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tag Tuesday - Trio

The Tag Tuesday challenge this week is "Trio"; incoporate a trio of something onto your tag. I love the image of these three women, they look like the best of friends having a wonderful time together, a very happy trio indeed! Cheers!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Pieces ATC - Flower Power

Flower Power is the theme on Art Pieces today. I grew up in the sixties and just loved the whole flower power, peace, hippy movement of the day. I couldn't stop thinking about John Lennon today and how he wanted to bring peace to the world by encouraging love of man. Elvis Costello has line in one of his songs, "what's so hard about peace, love and understanding." Share some love today...Peace!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mixed Media Monday and Crazy Amigo - Together

The theme on Mixed Media Monday and Crazy Amigo this week is 'Together'. These best buddies, all three of them, are together in adventure and play. Hope you get to spend some time this week with your Best Bud. Cheers!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Soartful Saturday - Snowy Owl

This is my entry for the Soartful Saturday challenge. I hope you get to see some beautiful stars tonight, enjoy and thanks for looking. Cheers!

Sunday Postcard Art - Botanica

The theme on Sunday Postcard Art is Botanica. I love botanical images and collage; I chose to use butterflies as my focal image. Cheers!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Art Creations Friday - background

The challenge on Art Creations Friday is to use the canvas background provided. TFL. Cheers!

Tag It On - Circle Tag

The theme this week at Dragons Dream - Tag It On is 'A Circle Embraces, A Line Divides.' Our lives as children, parents, family is the perfect full circle. The expression stamp is from Quietfire Designs; I have always loved this saying. Cheers!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kard Krazy Tag Challenge

The Tag Tuesday challenge at Kard Krazy this week was to pick your favourite designer paper and recreate it to be used on your tag. I LOVE polka dots of any type and really like this distressed polka dot paper. I took white cardstock and sponged on Old Photo distress ink. Added a bit of text in Milled Lavender; got out my SU polka dot background stamp - not sure why I don't use this more often! - and stamped with Dusty Concord distress ink. Added a bit of Broken China on the edge and there was my reasonable facsimile! A piece of clipart, a distressed butterfly with an expression from SU, an old SU flower stamp, a bit of music and the tag was complete. Great challenge, Louise. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy Amigo - Moviestars

The challenge this week on Crazy Amigo is Moviestars. I love Ingrid Bergman, and she was such a wonderful actress, her work is truly timeless, a true star. Cheers!

Art Pieces ATC - Birds

The challenge on Art Pieces this week is Birds. We've been watching lots of baby birds discover their wings this summer, it has been very entertaining. TFL. Cheers!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art - Glamour Girl

The challenge today on Sunday Postcard Art is to create a 6x4" postcard with Glamour Girls as the theme. Do they get any more glamourous than Audrey Hepburn? So classy and elegant. The neon theatre signs are on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver, taken in 1957. TFL. Cheers!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Soartful Saturday - Frog Legs

The challenge on Soartful Saturday was to use this piece of sheet music with the wrestling frogs for your creation. Hope your day is free of hassles. Cheers!

Ready, Steady...Stamp

The challenge on Ready, steady...STAMP! is to create a piece using five prescribed elements; the elements are 1. Monument  2. Blue  3. Metal embellishment  4. Wax resist  5.  Cork.  The cork was a hard element to incorporate but there in lies the challenge!  TFL.  Cheers!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Art Creations Friday

Jeepers Creepers where did she get those Peepers? The challenge on Art Creations Friday is to use the image of this beautiful lady in some way on a piece of art. I had this bit of background that I had made ages ago and the colour was perfect with her dress. The glasses were an inspiration of my friend Donna's, they are stamped onto acetate. Thanks Donna. Cheers!

TGIF - A Day at the Beach

Today on TGIF the theme is A Day at the Beach.  The beach was always a great place for discoveries when I was small.  Isn't life just beachy?  TFL.  Cheers!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Theme Thursday - Orange

The challenge on Theme Thursday is to create a piece of artwork using orange. This 4x4 page is for a book with the theme 'Women and Wings'. It is definitely orange! Love the Hallowe'en theme. TFL. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tag It On - Strictly For the Birds

Strictly for the Birds is the challenge today at Tag It On. I spent so much time making an extremely bright background that I got a bit burnt out by the time I got to the image - could have been the colours I chose? Yikes! Anyway, try as I might I was not able to tone it down much so black on top was the only thing that worked. It is a bird...Cheers! TFL!

Three Muses - Hats

The challenge on Three Muses is 'Hats." Poor Maude was tired of her stinking lot in life... tee hee. Hope you are having a better day than Maude. Cheers!

Tag Tuesday - More than a Tag

The challenge for Tag Tuesday is "More than a tag." Louise has created an amazing example on her blog, Kard Krazy, a very creative use of tickets. My tag started with a 6" piece of paper scored at 1 1/2" and 4 1/2" to create the flaps. I rounded the top and then folded the top back onto the flaps. A lot of ink sponging and stamping, an image and some ribbon put it all together. Thanks for looking. Cheers!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mixed Media Monday - Blues and Greens

The challenge on Mixed Media Monday is to create with Blues and Greens - My Favourite Colours! This background is part of a motherboard, the words are mine. TFL. Cheers!

TMTA - Flower Power

Flower Power is the theme on TMTA. Peace, love and understanding was the theme of the '60s. TFL. Peace :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Soartful Saturday - Sleeping Beauty

The theme on Soartful Saturday is Sleeping Beauty. Even angels have to sleep sometimes and I'm sure they have the most beautiful dreams. TFL. May all of your dreams be happy ones. Cheers!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Postcard Art - Nursery Rhymes

The theme on Sunday Postcard Art is "Nursery Rhymes." This image just said Georgie Porgie to me, always forcing himself on the girls! TFL. Cheers!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday's Workout - Texture Paint

This was a process today! On Saturday's Workout the challenge was texture with paint. There was a link to a tutorial that described this technique, however for some strange reason, I could not get the tutorial; so I decided to look at Sandy's example and go from there on my own. Of course later when I could see the tutorial - I guess my computer was just resting? - I have done nothing even close to it. I used a piece of cardboard, smeared some gel medium on it, wrote on it, pushed some stamps into and let it dry - sort of, I was very impatient today. Then I took distress inks and smeared them over the images, added some watercolour crayon and some metallic rubons - see what I'm saying, nothing like the instructions. I wasn't happy with the effect but decided to leave it and try printing it smaller than original. Now, you may be able to tell that my printer is running out of a few colours so the bright blue green piece is what I ended up with next. I took this and stamped way too much onto it and sponged on some distress ink to tone it down a bit. Still not happy with the effect I cut an ATC piece from it, glued on this image and Voila - One Night in Paris. Whew! TFL. Hope all your processes are not as complicated as this. Cheers!

Saturday Surprise - Shapes

Today on Saturday Surprise the theme is Shapes. Heather Robinson posted the theme and has a terrific pennant piece that she has done, check it out. I am so glad that this was the challenge today, it has made me get out my Big Shot and cut out some shapes. I often use round so decided that I would try something different. I need a birthday card for my friend, Rick, next week so went to work and this is the result. TFL. Cheers!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

TGIF - Pens & Brushes

The theme on TGIF this week is pens and brushes. The theme made me think of writing a letter. I got the pens but not the brushes. TFL. Cheers!

Theme Thursday - Purple!

Purple is the theme at Theme Thursday today. I have picked this dragonfly stamp out of my drawer several times and not used it so today I decided I would put it onto paper. The stamp is from Old Island Stamp Company, a local stamp company. I coloured the dragonflies with purple twinkling H2Os. A quick and simple ATC. TFL. Cheers!

Tag It On - Nature's Beauty

The theme for Tag It On this week is Nature's Beauty. This is my submission for this theme; I saw lots of lacy flowers, ferns and dragonflies when walking about this past few days. I do love dragonflies. Beth from The Queen of Cups Runneth Over is the guest host and has posted some lovely pieces that included some organic elements. Hope you are enjoying some of what nature has to offer today. Cheers!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tag Tuesday - Summer Flowers

The theme for Tag Tuesday this week is summer flowers. I took pictures of this Queen Anne's Lace growing in a ditch on the weekend, truly a summer flower. The expression is from Quietfire Design. Hope you are enjoying the summer flowers, they seem to come and go so quickly. TFL. Cheers!

Three Muses - Art in the Round

The challenge today on Three Muses is Art in the Round. After taking the ferry to Vancouver Island this past weekend and sticking my toes in the ocean in Parksville, a sea theme seemed apropos. Cheers!