Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday's Workout - Texture Paint

This was a process today! On Saturday's Workout the challenge was texture with paint. There was a link to a tutorial that described this technique, however for some strange reason, I could not get the tutorial; so I decided to look at Sandy's example and go from there on my own. Of course later when I could see the tutorial - I guess my computer was just resting? - I have done nothing even close to it. I used a piece of cardboard, smeared some gel medium on it, wrote on it, pushed some stamps into and let it dry - sort of, I was very impatient today. Then I took distress inks and smeared them over the images, added some watercolour crayon and some metallic rubons - see what I'm saying, nothing like the instructions. I wasn't happy with the effect but decided to leave it and try printing it smaller than original. Now, you may be able to tell that my printer is running out of a few colours so the bright blue green piece is what I ended up with next. I took this and stamped way too much onto it and sponged on some distress ink to tone it down a bit. Still not happy with the effect I cut an ATC piece from it, glued on this image and Voila - One Night in Paris. Whew! TFL. Hope all your processes are not as complicated as this. Cheers!


  1. Sounds to me like you have invented a new technique! Its gorgeous. I can't for the life of me see why you don't just LOVE it! I do! Sometimes surprises are the best discoveries!

  2. OMG wow Rhonda your work is outstanding.
    Fantastic structures and colors. Love the image.

    Thanks Rhonda for your wonderful entry´s to SaWo.

  3. Well worth all the effort you put into this beautiful creation!

  4. Really pretty! I think all your variations worked to create a beautiful background!

  5. Gosh Rhonda it's funny how some things just seem to take ages to get right isn't it. This is great though. I love how you've done the texture, it works really well, who cares if it was the right technique or not as long as you are happy with what you have created.


  6. I think it came out beautifully... more was more on this occasion!!

  7. Wow - what a fantastic work.
    Unbelievable structure!