Thursday, November 19, 2009

My first award!

Lynn Stevens has given me this lovely award! Lynn is an amazing artist, visit her on her blog, Trash to Treasure Art. This is the Making Smiles On Faces Award. I am very thrilled, this is my first award. Thank you Lynn! One of the requirements is to give 5 facts about yourself before passing it on the 5 more people.

1. I love to laugh and I am one of those free laughers, none of the little tee hees from me!
2. Love coffee! I am a coffee snob - I have my ritual, I buy expensive beans and grind them
every morning and carefully pour just the right amount of hot water through the filter, only while there is still foam, ahhh - it's calling me now!
3. And what goes better with coffee than chocolate!
4. Obsessed with craft supplies...aren't we all?
5. I love music, most genres, but roots, rock and rhythm are the faves.

Have a great day - Laugh out loud and enjoy a great cup of coffee, have a piece of chocolate and listen to some great music and of course pick up some craft supplies! Cheers!

I am going to send this award to the following 5 people, you make me smile!



  1. I knew I liked you!!!!
    I share your 5 facts!!!

  2. Ohhh Rhonda, how kind you are, thank you so much to think of me. I love your five facts, you sound like my kind of girl!!
    I will do my best to answer the questions too, will have to have a think about them first!!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.