Friday, September 3, 2010

Theme Thursday - Square

Square is theme this week at Theme Thursday; create anything in the square format.  My piece is 3 x 3 - it started out 4 x 4 but a little trim here and a little trim get the picture.  The clipart is from Tumble Fish Studio. 

When I saw this bottle of  'Toilet Water' I had to chuckle!  When I was young, our family was visiting some friends of my parents and my little sister dumped a whole bottle of toilet water into their toilet thinking it was a very fancy way of making your toilet smell nice!  My parents were mortified when it was discovered and our visit quickly came to an end but I always smile when I hear "Eau de Toilette or Toilet Water!"

 Hope your day brings some chuckles and good memories - cheers!


  1. Such a beautiful 4x4, wonderful vintage images and color!

  2. Oh wow Rhonda this is wonderful.
    Gorgeous creation.

  3. This s a great 3x3 and I was thinking I love the label (TW) and then your little story it's a very logical way to think I always wondered as a child why would they call a perfume the same as a toilet?

    love Dawn xx

  4. Wow so bright and pretty. this is lovely Rhonda. I hope you are well my friend.
    have a great week
    Hugs from June x

  5. LOL. I bet your sister still can't live that down. I always thought the name toilet water was so strange for a perfume smell, after all who would want to smell like a toilet? LOL
    In any case your collage art is Lovely Rhonda!
    Thanks for the chuckle as well!

  6. Rhonda; this is one of my favorites of yours. xxoo