Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today is my very good friend's birthday!  Sadly, we have a postal strike in Canada and we are unable to send birthday greetings by mail, so Donna suggested that I post her card so she could at least get to see it.  
Donna is my most creative friend and she has a wonderful blog: paper crows and dragonflies.  A   wonderful friend that I share so much with.  We live a couple of hours and a ferry ride away from each other and don't get together to play and create often enough.
Happy Birthday, Donna!!  This card is waiting for you and my wishes are for a wonderful birthday full of all things that make you happy.  Love you lots - Rhonda


  1. Oh my Gosh, Rhonda .. such a gorgeous card. Befitting of your friendship. Darn Strike ... I've got envelopes sitting somewhere too .. Nice to see your beautiful work. I'll go over and say Happy to Donna. :o) Donna

  2. Oh my what a wonderful card. I can't wait to have it in person. There is so much creativity there and you know how I LOVE that teacup.Thank you for posting it and for the lovely words. I wish we were spending the day playing and eating crab.My wish for my birthday will be that we have more playtime this year.hugs..Donna

  3. Beautiful card Rhonda, looks like Donna may get her card soon if the back to work injunction happens. Hope to see you at the July ATC swap